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KM-1104, 1823 German States Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 1/12 thaler; billon, plain edge; good very... 1823 Germany
KM-564, 1915 Portugal escudo; silver, reeded edge; uncirculated, nice. 1915 Portugal
KM-5, 1934 Fiji florin; silver, reeded edge; very fine, nice rims. 1934 Fiji
KM-2208, 1848 Austria, Vienna mint (A mint mark); silver, reeded edge; somewhat weakly struck... 1848 Austria
KM-152.1, 1960 Belgium 50 francs; silver, reeded edge; commemorative Baudouin's marriage, full... 1960 Belgium
KM-24, 1964 Fiji florin; copper-nickel, reeded edge; golden toned uncirculated. 1964 Fiji
KM-138, 1992 South Africa rand; nickel plated copper, segment reeded edge; average proof, mintage... 1992 South Africa
KM-831, 1930 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; scarce year, good very fine or better. 1930 United Kingdom
KM-20, 1954 Fiji half penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; bright uncirculated specimen. 1954 Fiji
KM-7, 1941 Fiji penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; about uncirculated to average uncirculated,... 1941 Fiji
KM-26, 1882 Argentina 10 centavos; silver, reeded edge; about uncirculated obverse, but wiped and... 1882 Argentina
KM-35, 1826 German States Shaumburg-Lippe pfennig; copper, plain edge; very fine or about. 1826 Germany
KM-7, 1861 Nova Scotia (Canadian Confederation) half cent; bronze, plain edge; dark brown extra... 1861 Canada
KM-511, 1929 Hungary 2 pengo; silver, ornamented edge; about extra fine. 1929 Hungary
KM-216, 1728 Portugal 5 reis; copper, plain edge; very fine or better. 1728 Portugal
KM-705, 1834 Great Britain farthing; copper, plain edge; dark brown very fine or about, a small... 1834 United Kingdom
KM-816a, 1924 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; nicely toned good very fine to about... 1927 United Kingdom
KM-6, 1972 Gibraltar 25 pence; copper-nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated, mintage 70,000. 1972 Gibraltar
KM-205, 1960 Colombia centavo; bronze, plain edge; bright red uncirculated, weakly struck as usual. 1960 Colombia
KM-112, 1941 Ceylon 10 cents; silver, reeded edge; nicer uncirculated coin, lightly toned. 1941 Sri Lanka
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