I collect World coins by type, especially interested in African coins.

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Morocco, 50 centimes, no date, Cu-Ni, Empire Cherifien 1921 Morocco
Morocco, 25 centimes, no date, Cu-Ni, 24mm, holed, David star. 1921 Morocco
USA, 1 dollar, 1978, Cu-Ni, 38.1mm, 22.58g, Eisenhower, Eagle landing on the Moon. 1978 USA
USA, 1/2 dollar, 1977, Cu-Ni, 30.6mm, 11.34g, J. F. Kennedy. 1977 USA
Austria, 5/10 kreuzer, 1885, Cu, 1.6g. 1885 Austria
Solomon Islands, 10 cents, 1977, Cu-Ni, 23.6mm, 5.65g, Queen Elizabeth II, Sea Spirit 1977 Solomon Islands
Bulgaria, 20 leva, 1930 Ag, 4g, MM: BP (Budapest), Boris III, the Unifier. 1930 Bulgaria
British Malaya, 10 cents, 1941, Ag, 18mm, 2.71g, King George VI. 1941 Malaysia
British Malaya, 5 cents, 1943, Ag, 1.36g, King George VI. 1943 Malaysia
France, 50 centimes, 1907, Ag, 18mm, 2.5g. 1907 France
Sweden, 10 ore, 1924, Ni-Bronze, 15mm, 1.5g, Sign of Gustaf V. 1924 Sweden
France, 2 euros, 2009, Cu-Ni-Ni-S, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, 10th Anniversary of the euro. 2009 France
Austria, 2 euros, 2007, Cu-Ni-Ni-S, bi-metallic, 25.75mm, 8.5g, 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of... 2007 Austria
Hungary, 1000 forints, 2011, Cu-Ni, 28.43mm, 14g, square-shaped, Great Hungarian Inventors:... 2011 Hungary
Hungary, 3000 forints, 2011, Ag, 30mm, 10g, Hungarian Presidency of the European Union. 2011 Hungary
3rd Republic, 1 franc, 1939, Al-Bronze, 23mm, 4g, Woman's head. 1939 France
Weimar Republic, 2 rentenphennig, 1924, Bronze, 20mm, 3.3g, Wheat. 1924 Germany
Great Britain, 3 pence, 1931, Ag-Cu, 16mm, 1.41g, King George V. 1931 United Kingdom
Sassanid Empire, drachma, Ag, Khuhsro II (590-628). Probably from year 15, but please help if you... 605 Iran
Gaznavides, dirhem, called silver Jamini, from Mahmud I (998-1030) 998 Iran