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Blue Ridge Parkway, NC. Spans 469 miles through Virginia and North Carolina. With the NC state... 2015 jurkovms
Kisatchie National Forest, LA. America the beautiful quarters series. "features a wild turkey in... 2015 jurkovms
Homestead National Monument, Nebraska. America the Beautiful Quarter series. Representing "the... 2015 jurkovms
Honoring the Mohawk Iron Workers, $1 Native American series coin. Important contributors to... 2015 jurkovms
Lyndon B Johnson, 36th president, $1 coin series. Promoted his vision of “The Great... 2015 jurkovms
Kennedy (JFK), 35th president, $1 coins series. The youngest man elected president 2015 jurkovms
Dwight Eisenhower, 34th President, $1 coin series. Distinguished general of WW2, created the... 2015 jurkovms
Harry S. Truman, 33rd President. $1 president coins series. Guided the nation through the final... 2015 jurkovms
Nelson Mandela Commemorative set, Minted in SA . 0 Kirsh
1988 S 50C PF 69 Ultra Cameo 1988 Samaya
1987 S 50C PF 69 Ultra Cameo 1987 Samaya
1983 S 50C PF 69 Ultra Cameo 1983 Samaya
1982 S 50C PF 69 Ultra Cameo 1982 Samaya
1976 S Silver 50C PF 69 Ultra Cameo 1976 Samaya
1976 S CLAD 50C PF 68 Cameo 1976 Samaya
1974 S 50C PF 69 Ultra Cameo 1974 Samaya
1972 S 50C PF 68 Cameo 1972 Samaya
1968 S 50C PF 67 1968 Samaya
1967 SMS 50C MS 66 1967 Samaya
1966 SMS 50C MS 65 1966 Samaya