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1846 Great Britain medalet; brass (?), plain edge; commemorating Themes tunnel, COMMENCED 1824 |... 1846 sandy3075
KM-825, 1933 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge; uncirculated, unevenly toned. 1933 sandy3075
KM-808.2, 1922 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge; brown about uncirculated. 1922 sandy3075
1846 Victoria 2nd young head. One Shilling.GEF 1846 DANZ
1842.Victoria 2nd young head. One Shilling 1842 DANZ
1721. halfpenny, scarce but hard to find in higher grades 1721 ScottO
1699 Halfpenny, Missing N type, but different Die 1699 ScottO
KM-601, 1773 Great Britain half penny; copper, plain edge; high grade, no dentacles shown, 9 gramm. 1773 sandy3075
KM-855, 1946 Great Britain florin (2 shillings); silver, reeded edge; about uncirculated, nice... 1946 sandy3075
KM-855, 1939 Great Britain florin (2 shillings); silver, reeded edge; good toned extra fine,... 1939 sandy3075
U.Kingdom 20 Pence 2015 2015 Akdeveli
1894 penny, almost fine details, some damage from being in ground 1894 ScottO
Almost VF 1919 H penny, poor obverse strike 1919 ScottO
VF 1919 penny. 1919 ScottO
EF 1935 penny with lustre 1935 ScottO
AUNC 1947 mint darkened? penny 1947 ScottO
1949 Florin EF 1949 ScottO
An almost VF 1902 low tide penny 1902 ScottO
1913 penny, almost EF 1913 ScottO
EF 1922 penny, poorly struck helmet of Britannia. 1922 ScottO