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Added on: 01-Mar-2018



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2 Euro KM#411 8.5000 g., Bi-Metallic Nickel-Brass center in Copper-Nickel ring, 25.75 mm. Subject : 400th Anniversary of the completion of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice Obv: The coin features Façade of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice; in the exergue the dates ‘1617’ and ‘2017’,respectively year of the completion of the Basilica and year of the issue of the coin, beside the logo of the Italian Republic ‘RI’; below the inscription ‘SAN MARCO’; on the right ‘LDS’, initials of the author Luciana De Simoni; on the top the inscription ‘VENEZIA’, and the mintmark of the Mint of Rome ‘R’.. The coin’s outer ring bears the 12 stars of the European Union. Rev: 2 on the left-hand side, six straight lines run vertically between the lower and upper right-hand side of the face, 12 stars are superimposed on these lines, one just before the two ends of each line, superimposed on the mid - and upper section of these lines; the European continent ( extended ) is represented on the right-hand side of the face; the right-hand part of the representation is superimposed on the mid-section of the lines; the word ‘EURO’ is superimposed horizontally across the middle of the right-hand side of the face. Under the ‘O’ of EURO, the initials ‘LL’ of the engraver appear near the right-hand edge of the coin. Edge: Combination of the number 2 and * repeated six times, fine milled. Obv. designer: Luciana De Simoni Rev. designer: Luc Luycx




UNC (Uncirculated)


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