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"The Ray Mah Friendship Medal", Designed by Norman Williams and The North Shore Numismatic Society, Mintage: 253 (1 Gold presentation piece), (2 Silver Presentation piece) and (250 Antique Bronze), Minted by Pressed Metal Products Vancouver, B.C. This medal was made possible by the donations from Ray's friends, Sponsored by North Shore Numismatic Society.

North America


UNC (Uncirculated)


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Author - Mcektam
Comment: A lifelong friend to numismatic, Ray took great pleasure in sharing his love of the hobby with fellow collectors of all ages. A co-founder of the rebirth of the North shaore Numismatic Socaiety in North Vancouver, B.B. in the 1970's, an active member in local, national and international clubs and a former regional director of the Canadian numismatic Association. Ray was tireless in his pursuit of new ideas and a helping hand to enrich the hobby he loved. To first time acquaintances or old friend at a coin show or other numismatic events, Ray's opeing line was always
Date: 18-Aug-2011

Author - Mcektam
Comment: " How's your collection doing ? "
Date: 18-Aug-2011