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£2 RAF Centenary Spitfire 2018 United Kingdom
£2 RAF Centenary Sea King 2018 United Kingdom
£2 RAF Centenary Lightning II 2018 United Kingdom
South Korea Winter Olympics XXIIII Euro set 2018 Slovakia
Brazil Summer Olympics XXXI Euro set 2016 Slovakia
Antoninianus of Aurelian. SAECVLI FELICITAS Emperor standing left, holding globe and spear. MP... 272 Roman Empire
Antoninianus of Gallienus. Bearded goat standing or walking left IOVI CONS AVG. Head of... 267 Roman Empire
Denarius of Trajan. PM TRP COS VI PP SPQR, Felicitas left, holding caduceus & cornucopiae. IMP... 116 Roman Empire
£5 D-Day 75th Anniversary 2019 Guernsey
Ascension Island 1 Crown 175th Anniversary of the Penny Red 2016 Saint Helena
1 Crown Silver Jubilee 1977 Isle of Man
50p 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of QE II Coronation Portrait of QEII 2013 Jersey
50p 60th Anniversary of the Coronation of QE II State Coach in Procession 2013 Guernsey
1 Crown Royal Wedding Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer 1981 Isle of Man
1 Crown 100th Anniversary of Winston Churchill's Birth 1974 Isle of Man
£5 200th Anniversary Queen Victoria’s Birth 2019 United Kingdom
1 Crown Diamond Jubilee 2012 Falkland Islands
25p 80th birthday of the Queen Mother 1980 Guernsey
25p Silver Jubilee Gorey Harbour & Mont Orgueil Castle 1977 Jersey
25p 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary Arms of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip 1972 Isle of Man