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The denomination for this massive 45mm silver coin ( 10 Kronur) appears on the edge. It was... 1930 Iceland
The bronze medallic 2 Kronur issued to commemorate 1000 years Althing. Krause Mischler reference... 1930 Iceland
Minted in .500 silver, this 10 Markaa coin was issued to celebrate the 10th european athletic... 1971 Finland
Liege Ducaton 1666 Belgium
1785 3 Gulden piece minted for West Friesland 1785 Netherlands
Utrecht Ducaton 1764 Netherlands
George I Crown dated 1723. The very first coin ever used in advertising, bearing the initials of... 1723 United Kingdom
George IV Rix Dollar 1821 Sri Lanka
Silver proof 100 pesetas Durer's `Praying Hands' obverse /Arms reverse. 1970 Equatorial Guinea
Irish Six Shillings Bank Token. 1804 Ireland
Five Shillings Bank Token. Banker mark on cheek. 1804 United Kingdom
Aeginetan silver stater circa 480 -456 bc. Commonly referred to as a `turtle'. This one also has... -480 Greece
A nice silver stater from the city state of Thebes in Boeotia, Greece, circa 379 - 338 bc. A nice... -379 Greece
Nice large flan Tetradrachm from the Greek island of Thasos. 31mm and 17.6 gms. This one circa... -150 Greece
A silver didrachm from Sparta's one and only colony in Magna Graecia, the city of Tarentum. One... -280 Italy
A 1/4 ecu of Charles II Cardinal of Lorraine (1578- 1607)and Bishop of Metz. This being a 1/4 ecu... 1600 France
Antoine de Lorraine (1508 -44). A silver teston minted at the city of Nancy. Dark toned, weakly... 1527 France
Early silver teston of Charles III Duke of Lorraine wearing crown. No date on coin, but circa... 1560 France
Silver teston of Charles III Duke of Lorraine during the mid to later part of his reign. No date... 1590 France
Silver teston of Henri II Duke of Lorraine issued sometime during 1608-24. Minted at Nancy. 1610 France
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