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PESA, German East Africa 1890 East Africa
2 Francs, Belgian Congo. 1946 Congo
Tu Duc Thong Bao(嗣德通寶), 24mm, Nguyen Duc Tong(1848-1883), Nguyen Dynasty(1776-1877),... 1848 Vietnam
Minh Mang Thong Bao(明命通寶), 26mm, Minh Mang(1820-1840), NGUYEN DYNASTY (1776-1877AD), Annam. 1820 Vietnam
Gia Long Thong Bao(嘉隆通寶), 22mm, copper, Emperor Nguyễn Phúc Ánh(阮福映) Gia... 1802 Vietnam
Canh Thinh Thong Bao (景盛通寶), 22mm, Gold gilded in copper, Emperor Nguyễn Quang Toản... 1793 Vietnam
Thieu Tri Thong Bao (紹治通寶), 25mm, Gold-gilded in copper, Emperor Nguyễn Phúc... 1841 Vietnam
Tian Sheng Yuan Bao (天聖元寶), 25mm, Mold Leaked, Red copper, Northern Sung Dynasty.... 1023 China
Oen Chiao, 20mm, cupro-nickel, Kangde (康德7年)1934–1945, Manchukuo(大滿洲國). 1940 China
One Fen, 31mm, copper, Tientsin Mint, ROC Year 5. 1916 China
One Fen, 28mm, copper, Datong (大同三年) 1932–1934, Manchukuo(大滿洲國). 1934 China
One Chiao, 22mm, Aluminum, Provisional Government of China, ROC Year 31.... 1942 China
5 Chiao, 25mm, cupro-nickel, Meng-Chiang Bank, Japanese Puppet State, China Republic Year 27.... 1938 China
Jinling Hotel, 33mm, 2mm, brass token, Nan Jing. 1983年10月4日... 1983 China
Jian Yan Tong Bao “建炎通寶”, 2 Cash, 28mm, 1.5mm, Silver Gilded in Copper, Emperor Gao... 1127 China
Yuen Feng Tong Bao (元豐通寶), 28mm, 2mm, Copper, Emperor Shen Zong(1068-1085) of Northern... 1078 China
Tian Sheng Yuan Bao(天聖元寶), copper, Northern Sung Dynasty. Reverse: Outer and Inner Rims... 1023 China
Zheng Long Yuan Bao (正隆元宝), Emperor Wan Yan Liang (1158-1161) of Jin Dynasty. Minting... 1157 China
ONE DOLLAR, First Bauhinia flower of cupro-nickel coin struck in England. Magnetic due to high... 1993 Hong Kong
Hong Nong Five Dollars, Bauhinia Flower & Five Bats Encircling "SHOU", Copper-Nickel. 香港伍元 1997 Hong Kong
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