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I am interested in coins from USA,Canada,and Great Britain.I also dabble in ancient coins, I am always looking to buy or trade.

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1884 indian cent 1884 USA
1 Shilling New Zealand 1934 New Zealand
Mite 103-76BC Selucid Dynasty Alexander Jannaeus (Prutah) Jerusalem Mint 103 Israel
1803 Half Cent Improperly Cleaned 1803 USA
1963d dime from mint set 1963 USA
Chinese Cash Coin 1800 China
Lot of Australian coins 3d-shilling for sale or trade Vg to Au 1917 Australia
1S 1917 Australia
Sicily-Messenia 3d cent BC AE16 I can't find info on this one 300 Unknown
Lot of Canadian coins 5C.1897Vg,10C.1905Vg+,1910Vg,1916F, 1917Ef(cleaned),1944Ef For sale or trade. 1897 Canada
1800's Bank of montreal half penny token 1800 Canada
Hadrian denarius Possibly A fakey. 117 Romania
British Honduras 5c 1952 Belize
Chinese Cash Coin 1800 China
Chinese Cash Coin 1700 China
Copper dime no clad or on cent planchet 1990 USA
Boo Goo 1875 China
1784 1 Reale 1784 Spain
Indian Head Cent 1901 USA
1887 indian cent 1887 USA
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