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George V Penny 1919 Australia
Edward VIII 1/10th of a Penny 1936 British West Africa
George V 1/10th of a Penny 1936 British West Africa
George V One cent 1921 Canada
George VI One cent 1947 Canada
Ten Centimes 1917 France
Wismar Three Pfening 1740 Germany
George VI Ten cents 1949 Hong Kong
Recovered from the Admiral Gardner shipwreck. East India Company 10 Cash. 1808 India
George V 1/12th Shilling (With lamination error on reverse) 1911 Jersey
One Peso 1985 Mexico
One Peso 1979 Mexico
One Duit (Holland colonial coinage KM#70) 1750 Netherlands
Philip V (Spanish Netherlands, Namur (Now in Belgium)) One Liard KM#2 1710 Netherlands
Sultan of Muscat and Oman, Faisal bin Turki 1/4th Anna 1895 Oman
George V Straits Settlements Ten cents 1926 Singapore
George V Penny 1929 South Africa
Elizabeth II Threepence 1957 Trinidad and Tobago
George VI Festival of Britain Crown 1951 United Kingdom
William III Sixpence 1697 United Kingdom
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