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gorgeous colouration, red toning into brown 1979 USA
lustrous 1979 D cent 1979 USA
lustrous 1980 cent 1980 USA
almost uncirculated 1980 D cent with a longer U in trust 1980 USA
nice 1981 D cent with lustre traces 1981 USA
nice colouration on this 1983 cent 1983 USA
practially uncirculated, fairly weak date strike and reverse legend inside too 1983 USA
another as struck D cent, couple of black marks on the reverse lets it down 1983 USA
seen a small bit of circualtion but again almost as struck 1988 USA
uncirculated, no scuffs or and wear on lincon quite a detailed image, reverse seems to be struck... 1990 USA
limited edition medal minted by paris mint, eiffel tower 2002 Exonumia Europe
bi-metallic, not in a bad condition, outer part gone dark though 1991 France
nice error, centre silver piece is off centre on the reverse leaving a small blank space 2007 United Kingdom
2003 United Kingdom
2007 United Kingdom
uncirculated? detail is clear, looks cleaned possibly, if not it has toned brightly, this coin is... 1918 France
only 4,498,519 minted in this year, so a key date and scarce 1926 United Kingdom
8,277,600 minted and in a mid VF grade (not quite AEF but better then normal VF, great coin and... 1932 United Kingdom
13,965,600 minted so a semi-key date in the george V collection, aVF 1934 United Kingdom
2006 20p strock with a worn dye, hence the lack of detail on the hair and the large cudding,... 2007 United Kingdom