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collector of farthings, bargains, russians USA and french coins, have a side of german

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1940 A 5 pfennig. 1940 Germany
rare 1698 halfpenny, date in Exergue, fair grade but some corrosion damage on reverse and... 1698 United Kingdom
1720 halfpenny, possibly over 1719 some date recutting near the 2 and possibly part of the 9... 1720 United Kingdom
jeton from Germany with french designs 1780 Exonumia Europe
1696 farthing small B in Britannia mix of small and large letter in GVLIELMVS 1696 United Kingdom
1931 VF grade 1 penny 1931 United Kingdom
1919H in Fine, poor strike obverse 1919 United Kingdom
1912 H penny, fine grade 1912 United Kingdom
1893/2 penny fair grade 1893 United Kingdom
1889 narrow date penny 1889 United Kingdom
1882 H penny in near fine 1882 United Kingdom
1875 penny, dug up however VF details 1875 United Kingdom
1871 penny, narrower date 1871 United Kingdom
1863 penny, low grade 1863 United Kingdom
1860 penny low grade and holed 1860 United Kingdom
Nigeria 1/10 penny, VF+ 1908 Nigeria
1920 dime VF 1920 USA
1844 8 maravedis very low grade 1844 Spain
1793 Manchester Conder Halfpenny, edge inscription, PAYABLE IN MANCHESTER LONDON OR BRISTOL 1793 United Kingdom
1757 sixpence, fine detailed, on a chain though 1757 United Kingdom