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british transport token 10p, unknown year 0 Exonumia Europe
Henry III penny, class 3bstruck in london by monyer Henri between 1248-50 1248 United Kingdom
1921 25 centimes, D'evreux 1921 France
5 millieme from egypt, condition is alright, detail remails, bit of verdegris on obverse however 1941 Egypt
2? Maravedis of charles II fo spain, bigh think copper piece well battered and worn as most of... 1680 Spain
interesting jetton dated 1655, beutful designs with a coat of arms on either side. possibly french 1655 Exonumia Europe
1624 dated, 8 maravedis "cob". and a very nice example 1624 Spain
EF gibralter 10p due to the size of gibralter i'm guessing mintage is low so this was a very nice... 1993 Gibraltar
VF XX centavos from portugal, possibly a higher grade, no lustre but nice. 1943 Portugal
500k mintage 1958 50 franc, very desirable coin indeed and one of the key dates 1958 France
2007 isle of man 20p 2007 Isle of Man
fair 1728 Sixpence, with the plumes reverse 1728 United Kingdom
1 cash Ch'ien Lung, Board of Revenue Mint, not a bad looking piece, all is readable with wear not... 1735 China
2011 50p aunc, swimmer design 2011 United Kingdom
1 dinar, jordan, 1998, nice design 1998 Jordan
1585 Henry III Billon double sol parisis, bit battered around the edges but still some very nice... 1585 France
unknowned hammered penny sized coin 0 Unknown
50 stotinki, VF but struck with worn dye so perhaps that is deceptive 1999 Bulgaria
very nice 20 francs, good strike this time, detail is quite strong 1980 Belgium
1811 halfpenny bank token, pretty worn 1811 Isle of Man
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