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roman coin of Constantine II, good obverse, reverse more worn. 323 Roman Empire
AE3 Vrbs Roma Commemorative, romulus and remus, London mint 330 Roman Empire
Constantine commemorative coin, for Constantinopolis, RBE in exergue Roma Beata Epsilon 330 Roman Empire
very low grade roman coin, constantine 336 Roman Empire
roman coin from Constans and thassolanica mint (not 100% sure feel free to correct) 337 Roman Empire
roman AE2, constantius II, Two Victories standing, facing each other, holding wreath unsual reverse. 337 Roman Empire
possible constantisu II AE2 with The glory of the army reverse 340 Roman Empire
constantius II fallen horseman AE3 good clear designs, mintmark illegible 351 Roman Empire
AE3 of Constantius Gallus Caesar 351 Roman Empire
constantine era AE3 400 Roman Empire
Tiberius II Constantine Follis 578 Roman Empire
yong tong wan guo cash coin 579 China
Byzantine half follis, Heracleus constantinople mint 610 Turkey
Unknown Arabic coin, cut into a quarter by Vikings, apparntly found on the Isle of man to back up... 1000 Unknown
cut short cross quarter of Edward the Confessor Norwich mint 1044 United Kingdom
Chinese cash coing Northen sung 1064-67 emporer Ying Tsung 1064 China
cash coin of emperor Shen Zong in the Xining period (1068-77), seal writing 1068 China
cash coin from northen sung dynesty Emperor Sung Cho Tsung 1086-1100 looks like iron and is... 1086 China
early french Denier low grade around struck around 1100. 1093 Unknown
Unknown coin, hard to pin down, arabic style on obverse however no idea on the reverse 1100 United Kingdom
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