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Israel10Agorot-km26-(5)736-1976 1976 Israel
Israel5NewAgorot-km107-(5)740-1980 1980 Israel
Italy1000Lire-MapEurope-km194.1-1997 1997 Italy
Italy100Lire-km159-1996 1996 Italy
Italy100Lire-km96.2-1992 1992 Italy
Italy50Lire-km95.2-1993 1993 Italy
Isle of Man5Pence-km902-1998 1998 Isle of Man
Isle of Man2Pence-km208-1991 1991 Isle of Man
Isle of Man10Pence-km337-1992 1992 Isle of Man
Isle of Man5Pence-Windsurfing-km209-1989 1989 Isle of Man
Isle of Man2Pence-Sailboat-km1037-2002 2002 Isle of Man
Isle of Man2Pence-PeregrineFalcon-km113 -1984 1984 Isle of Man
Isle of Man2Pence-Bicyclists-km901-1998 1998 Isle of Man
Isle of Man2Pence-Bicyclists-km589-1997 1997 Isle of Man
Isle of Man1Penny-ShagBird-km112-1984 1984 Isle of Man
Isle of Man1Penny-RugbyBall-km823-1998 1998 Isle of Man
Iran50Rials-km1237.1-(SH1361)1982 1982 Iran
Iran20Rials-MohammedsFlight-km1244-(AH1400)1979 1979 Iran
Iran20Rials-km1236-(SH1359)1980 1980 Iran
Iran10Rials-km1259-(SH1376)1997 1997 Iran