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Silver One Bolivar 1965 Venezuela
Elizabeth II Nickel Brass Euro 96 Commemorative Two Pounds 1996 United Kingdom
Edward VIII Bronze Five Cents 1936 East Africa
Victoria young head copper Penny. Britannia on the reverse 1854 United Kingdom
Victoria Bronze Farthing 1901 United Kingdom
George VI .500 Silver Florin 1928 United Kingdom
Elizabeth II Bronze 1/4 D (Farthing) 1960 South Africa
Elizabeth II Cupro nickel Five Shillings (Crown) 1966 Jersey
George VI 1/4 Rupee Silver Bombay mint mark 1944 India
George VI cupro nickel One Tenth of a Penny 1950 British West Africa
Parliament House One Florin 1927 Australia
Victoria One Rupee Silver 1887 India
George V Farthing Bronze 1925 United Kingdom
George V Six Pence .500 Silver 1924 United Kingdom
George VI One Shilling .500 Silver 1942 United Kingdom
George V One Shilling .500 Silver 1936 United Kingdom
Elizabeth II Decimal Half Penny Bronze 1971 United Kingdom
George VI Crown Cupro Nickel St George and the Dragon 1951 United Kingdom
William IV Four Pence Silver 1836 United Kingdom
Half Crown George VI .500 Silver 1945 United Kingdom
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