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East India Co 1/12 of Anna 1835 India
East India Co. Half Anna 1835 India
British Indian Quarter Rupee Edward VII 1905 India
Britiah Indian- Half Anna Edward VII 1905 India
Duch east indies - coin minted in amsterdam mint during 1838 1838 Indonesia
1756 Spain
East india company - Half Anna 1835 India
British India coin 1920 Sri Lanka
Raja Raja Chola Raja Raja I (985 - 1016 AD). Raja Raja standing (it seems like he has 6 legs,... 1000 India
1 Riyal silver coins of Saudi Arabia. - The coins were struck to the same standards as the... 1934 Saudi Arabia
The Maria Theresia Thalers - There are more than 45 different silver thaler design using bust... 1780 Austria
The coin looks like that of Kutch (Gujarat region). If not wrong, it is called Dokda and from... 1400 India