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AR 1 Tram of Levon the Great, ca 1200 AD 1200 Armenia
AR Celician Armenia 1 Takvorin - Gosdantin IV (1365-1373) 1370 Armenia
British made bronze medal commemorating Russian general Count Suwarrow's victory over the French... 1799 Exonumia Europe
Token of a Russian restaurant of Nikolai Koreschenko of Moscow at the World Expo 1867 in Paris 1867 Exonumia Europe
The same medal upside down. Inscription on the reverse: "Belgiens Geschick - Englische Tück".... 1914 Exonumia Europe
WW1 German reversible satirical medal portraying the allies: Britain, Belgium, Russia and France.... 1914 Exonumia Europe
Bronze Plaque in honor of the Russian author Leo Tolstoi. Dimensions: 90,5x62,4 mm. 1906 Exonumia Europe
Payment token issued by Krengolmsk Manufacture in Estonia(КРЕНГОЛЬМСКАЯ... 1917 Exonumia Europe
Promotional token from the Graebener coin press 1976 Exonumia Europe
AE 2 Franc Modulus 1801, pronouncing Peace and Friendship between Russia and France 1801 Exonumia Europe
AE 5 franc module dedicated to Alexander 1st of Russia after the defeat over Napoleon. Struck at... 1814 Exonumia Europe
AE Death Medal for Prince Nicholas who died at Nice on 12th of April 1865 1865 Exonumia Europe
Anatol Durow, Russia’s first clown, Silvered Bronze Medalet, by Oertel, bust right, rev arms... 1900 Exonumia Europe
Enameled Russian AE 5 Kopeeks 1870 EM 1870 Exonumia Europe
WW1 fundraising bronze medal issued by the Russian Numismatic Society (POH). "Pride Of Russia -... 1915 Exonumia Europe
Bronze Medal in memory of construction of Catherine's Port on Murman. 1899 Exonumia Europe
AE Medal in commemoration of 100 years of the founding of the Free Economic Society. 1865 Exonumia Europe
French Medal struck to commemorate the Visit of Alexander I to Paris 1814 Exonumia Europe
Medallion commemorating the visit if Nicholas II to Berlin in 1914 1914 Exonumia Europe
Private issue medallion dedicated to the victims of WW1 1916 Exonumia Europe
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