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AR Poltina (1/2 Rouble), 1738, Moscow mint 1738 Russia
AR Coronation medallion of Paul I, 1797. Diakov 243.9 1797 Russia
AE Medal commemorating the victory over Napoleon at Berezino in 1812. Design by count Tolostoi,... 1835 Russia
AR Medallion in Honor of Count Barclay De Tolli. A decorated general field marshal who commanded... 1815 Russia
WW1 silver medal 'To Polish Brothers' issued by the Russian Numismatic Society (POH). St.... 1915 Russia
AE Prize medal from the St Petersburg gardening siciety. Obverse - 'For Achievements in... 1870 Russia
AE Death Medal in memory of Alexander 1st. 1826 WM. 41mm 1826 Russia
AE Medallion, Visit of Alexander I to the Paris mint. 40mm. 1814 Russia
AE Medallion, Visit of Alexander I to the Paris mint. 65mm. 1814 Russia
Uniface white metal medallion featuring Alexander I with inscription - 'Alexandre Premier... 1808 Russia
AR Abaz 1831 AT 1831 Russia
Georgia post Russian annexation. AE Bisti (2 kopecks) - 1808. Tbilisi mint. Ex Elmen #8 -... 1808 Russia
AE 1783 Polushka (1/4 Kopeck) KM. XF-40BN. Ex: Dmitry Markov "Coins & Medals" # 31 -... 1783 Russia
AE 2 kopeck 1852 BM 1852 Russia
AE Denga (1/2 kopeck) with the full title - 1700 1700 Russia
AE Denga (1/2 Kopeck) 1734 1734 Russia
WW1 bronze medal 'To Heroic and Noble Belgian Nation' issued by the Russian Numismatic Society... 1915 Russia
AR 5 kopeck 1826 SPB-NG. NGC AU-58 1826 Russia
AE 5 Kopecks 1796 EM. Paul's overstrike over 1796 10 kopecks EM 1796 Russia
AE 1 kopeck 1759. Moscow mint. 1759 Russia