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AE Prize medal from the St Petersburg gardening siciety. Obverse - 'For Achievements in... 1870 Russia
AR Abaz 1831 AT 1831 Russia
WW1 bronze medal 'To Heroic and Noble Belgian Nation' issued by the Russian Numismatic Society... 1915 Russia
AR 2 Abazi 1830 A.T. 1830 Russia
AE 1 kopeck 1710 1710 Russia
AR kopeck of Ivan IV. Novgorod mint. Circa 1547. 1547 Russia
AR 1774 Peace with Turkey commemorative token. 1774 Russia
AE 1/4 kopeck 1888 SPB 1888 Russia
AR Coronation token of Nicholas 2 1896 Russia
AR Half Abaz for Georgia as a Russian province, 1824 AK. NGC VF-25 1824 Russia
AR Death Token of Empress Elisabeth (25 December 1761) NGC VF-20. Ex: Stack's Bowers & Ponterio... 1761 Russia
AE 1 Kopeck 1855 BM with the cypher of Nicholas 1st 1855 Russia
AE Medallion, Visit of Alexander I to the Paris mint. 65mm. 1814 Russia
AE Medal #14 from the series of medals with portraits of Grand Dukes and Tzars. Tzar Vladimir... 1780 Russia
AE Polushka (1/4 kopeck) 1757. Ekaterinburg Mint. 1757 Russia
AE 1/2 kopeck 1868 EM 1868 Russia
AE 1/2 kopeck 1881 SPB 1881 Russia
AE Bisti (2 kopecks) - 1810. Georgia post Russian annexation. Tbilisi mint. 1810 Russia
10 kopeck private token issued by the Nikolo-Pavdievsk commune 1922 Russia
Uniface white metal medallion featuring Alexander I with inscription - 'Alexandre Premier... 1808 Russia