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Elizabeth I 1590 hammered sixpence mm hand and a rare mark 1590 United Kingdom
Queen Victoria 1883 Florin GEF for grade 1883 United Kingdom
Queen Victoria Florin GVF 1880 United Kingdom
Elizabeth I Groat Struck circa 1560-61 Graded as GVF 1560 United Kingdom
George III Sixpence 1787 United Kingdom
George III Shilling 1787 United Kingdom
Queen Anne Shilling 1707 United Kingdom
Edward I Irish Penny. Red wax deposits on the REV suggest that the coin was in a Major sale early... 1279 Ireland
1881 Victoria Florin 1881 United Kingdom
Edward VII Matte Proof Halfcrown 1902 United Kingdom
Charles I Shilling mm Tun and a hell of a specimen. NEF for grade 1636 United Kingdom
Henry VIII Groat mm Rose. Better than VF but some rusting on the REV 1509 United Kingdom
Rare 1905 Halfcrown Sold 1905 United Kingdom
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