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Rare 1905 Halfcrown Sold 1905 United Kingdom
Henry VIII Groat mm Rose. Better than VF but some rusting on the REV 1509 United Kingdom
Charles I Shilling mm Tun and a hell of a specimen. NEF for grade 1636 United Kingdom
Edward VII Matte Proof Halfcrown 1902 United Kingdom
1881 Victoria Florin 1881 United Kingdom
Edward I Irish Penny. Red wax deposits on the REV suggest that the coin was in a Major sale early... 1279 Ireland
Queen Anne Shilling 1707 United Kingdom
George III Shilling 1787 United Kingdom
George III Sixpence 1787 United Kingdom
Elizabeth I Groat Struck circa 1560-61 Graded as GVF 1560 United Kingdom
Queen Victoria Florin GVF 1880 United Kingdom
Queen Victoria 1883 Florin GEF for grade 1883 United Kingdom
Elizabeth I 1590 hammered sixpence mm hand and a rare mark 1590 United Kingdom
1887 Victoria Crown. A common coin but when it's this nice it's hard not to buy it. GEF for grade 1887 United Kingdom
George I 1723 ssc Shilling 1723 United Kingdom
Elizabeth I 1599 sixpeence mm anchor and another rare mark and Good Fine for grade 1599 United Kingdom
Edward VI Shilling, one of the best i've ever seen so far and GVF for grade 0 United Kingdom
Elizabeth I Shilling.This coin is actually nearer EF but there's no Option for NEF or VF+ 1595 United Kingdom
Scotland Alexander III Penny part of the Middridge hoard found in 1974 1280 United Kingdom
1860 Victoria Halfpenny dies 1*+A Freeman 260A R16 rated meaning only 51-100 of these varities... 1860 United Kingdom
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