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2 centimes Year 28 fasces with liberty cap copper 1831 Haiti
1/24 shilling George VI, by the grace of God king of Great-Britain, defender of the faith,... 1937 Jersey
1 double arms of Guernsey copper 1830 Guernsey
1 drachma king George I Thetis with shield of Achilles, seated on a sea horse Paris mint... 1910 Greece
double florin Victoria, by the grace of God, queen of Great-Britain, defender of the faith... 1890 United Kingdom
20 sen Meiji 43 0.800 silver 1910 Japan
20 sen Meiji 9 0.800 silver 1876 Japan
10 sen Meiji 37 0.800 silver 1904 Japan
10 sen Meiji 3 0.800 silver 1870 Japan
5 sen Meiji 32 copper-nickel 1899 Japan
1 rin (=1/1000 yen) Meiji 16 copper 1883 Japan
Mexican Republic 2 reales Zacatecas Mint Manuel Ochoa and Manuel Miner, mintmasters 0.903 silver 1833 Mexico
Second Empire 1 centavo Struck during the reign of Maximilian of Habsburg at the Mexico City... 1864 Mexico
3 sols Leopold II, by the grace of God king of Hungary and Bohemia, duke of Luxembourg struck... 1790 Luxembourg
Belgian Congo 10 centimes holed coin struck with the monogram of Leopold II 1-year type, as... 1909 Congo
Venus counter probably an imitation from Nurenberg Venus counters were first produced in the... 1536 Exonumia Europe
5 frang Charlotte, grand-duchess of Luxembourg copper-nickel 1949 Luxembourg
5 francs Charlotte, grand-duchess of Luxembourg winged national arms 0.625 silver 1929 Luxembourg
2 francs man working field crowned monogram of grand-duchess Charlotte nickel designer:... 1924 Luxembourg
1987 Luxembourg