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prooflike transition coin, showing the denomination in old, shilling, and new currency, 10 cents... 1967 New Zealand
1 colon America Central Banco Central de Costa Rica (B.C.C.R.) stainless steel large ships 1983 Costa Rica
500 guaranies General Bernardino Caballero 2006 Paraguay
20 colones Banco Central de Costa Rica (B.C.C.R.) nickel-plated steel 1994 Costa Rica
1 penny Constitution Order 1969 copper-plated steel 2006 Gibraltar
25 cents Elizabeth II Schooner nickel clad steel 1992 Cayman Islands
50 cents Elizabeth II by Ian Rank-Broadley H.M.S. Endeavour copper-nickel 2001 New Zealand
1000 lire geology bimetal coin 1998 San Marino
12 sols (1/10 ecu) Louis XV crowned shield with 3 fleur-de-lys struck over a Louis XIIII 12... 1717 France
10 Avos nickel-brass 1982 Macau
Papal States Pius IX 1/2 baiocco 1849 Vatican
Ottoman Sultan Abdul Mejid 40 para accession date 1255AH reign date 20 1858 Turkey
2 1/2 gulden Beatrix, queen of the Netherlands nickel 1980 Netherlands Antilles
Kingdom of Hannover 1/12 thaler Wilhelm IV, koenig von Gross Brittanien und Hannover (William... 1835 Germany
Visitor's coinage 5 centavos mollusk Palm tree and INTUR-logo copper-nickel 1989 Cuba
10 bututs double-spurred francolin designer reverse Michael Rizzello brass plated steel 1998 Gambia
1 peso 14th Games of Central America and the Caribbean Cuba '82 boxing 1981 Cuba
sulver rupee struck for the city of Musrhidabad, in the name of Shah Alam II with frozen date... 1819 India
halfpenny Queen Elizabeth the Second, with shoulder strap Hei Tiki bronze 1962 New Zealand
100 dinars AH1414 Horse head Bimetallic coin: aluminum-bronze center in stainless steel ring 1993 Algeria