My collecting drive is focused for one large silver coin from each country (OFEC). I hope my photo listings here have been both enjoyable and helpful. Thank you for visiting (updated Oct 17 2013)

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Angola 10 Kwanzas 28mm diameter cupronickel showing 11 Novembro 1975 nice coin from Africa 1978 Angola
New Zealand 1988 32mm diameter cupro nickel showing very nice artwork on naval ship Endeavor 1988 New Zealand
One Peso Mexico Silver coin at 0.100 Fine 0.0514oz and 35mm diameter also weight at 16grams Jose... 1957 Mexico
Qatar coin of 25mm diameter. cannot read the coin so the year date is just a guess! it's a nice... 1988 Qatar
2003 Vietnam Brass coin 2000 Dong. 23.5mm diameter thanks Kay! 2003 Vietnam
2003 Vietnam 1000Dong made of Brass at 23.5mm diameter, very nice artwork at Rev 2003 Vietnam
a very nice little coin of brass without rim reeding at 15.5mm diameter 1998 Mexico
Russia first of series of new coins 20.5mm 1997 Russia
1997 Republica De Costa Rica 100 colones, large brass coin, at 29.6mm diameter 1997 Costa Rica
1993 Croatia 22.5mm diameter coin with nice singing bird at 1 kuna denomination 1993 Croatia
1992 Estonia 50 senti brass coin, 19.4mm diameter. good looking three lions at the Rev 1992 Estonia
1967 Columbia 1 peso 10 sided coin at 28.8mm diameter. it feels like a heavy metal coin 1967 Colombia
Malta 1986 5c coin, nice crab and sun at 20mm diameter 1986 Malta
1984 1$ Large seven sided coin of Samoa at 30mm diameter, brass 1984 Samoa
1981 coin of the former USSR, now Russia, 19.6mm diameter 1981 Russia
1980 Papua New Guinea large coin at 30mm diameter, denomination 50t with nice crocodile at Rev... 1980 Papua New Guinea
The former Yugoslavia 1979 brass coin. One of my favorites. 23mm diameter 1979 Yugoslavia
1976 Nigeria 10 Kobo nice coin with a pair of palm trees. with two horses and an eagle on the... 1976 Nigeria
Denmark 1975 10ore white metal coin, 18mm diameter 1975 Denmark
Norge 50 ore coin 1969 22mm diameter. Nice looking husky sled dog 1969 Norway
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