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I collect coins and medals from the Revolutionary and Napoleonic eras. This spans 1789-1815. The Smith and NP collections were acquired through the generosity of some friends. Any coin that I post

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1811 Loge de St Jean, France. A very rare Masonic lodge jeton from Paris. Marvin says 'The... 1811 Exonumia Europe
1808 Hortense, Queen of Holland, France. Hortense was Napoleon's step-daughter and... 1808 Exonumia Europe
1813 1 Batzen (10 Rappen), Canton of Vaud. A billon piece where the silvering is in particularly... 1813 Switzerland
1811 Prix de l'Athénée de Vaucluse, France. A prize medal.... 1811 Exonumia Europe
1814 Paix de Paris, Austria. Actually engraved by the Czech Zbirow (though some authorities... 1814 Exonumia Europe
1793 Death of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, Great Britain. The first silvered copper example... 1793 Exonumia Europe
1802 Peace of Amiens, Great Britain. This is a RRRR piece. Though it looks like a common... 1802 Exonumia Europe
1815 Battle of Waterloo, Hannover. Probably a later white metal restrike. 1815 Exonumia Europe
1801 Death of Sir Ralph Abercromby, Great Britain. 1801 Exonumia Europe
1811 Le Roi de Rome, France. The birth of Napoleon II was celebrated by dozens of medals. This... 1811 Exonumia Europe
1813 Loge des H.H.H. du Hâvre A French Masonic medal (France)... 1813 Exonumia Europe
c. 1790 ½ Penny Token, Great Britain. 1790 United Kingdom
1 Stiver, Essequebo & Demarary. One definition of an English penny during this period was a... 1813 Guyana
1814 To Elba, Napoleon and Satan, Great Britain... 1814 Exonumia Europe
1805 Paix de Presbourg, France. An extremely scarce German language jeton where Napoleon is... 1805 Exonumia Europe
1942 1/10 Gulder, Netherlands East Indies.... 1942 Indonesia
1809 1 Duit, Napoleonic East Indies. Also known as Java at this time. Just an awful coin.... 1809 Indonesia
1964 10 Dong. 1 year type.... 1964 Vietnam
1 Franc... 1961 West African States
1809 Le Canal de l'Ourcq (France)... 1809 Exonumia Europe
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