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THANK YOU FOR LOOKING AT (THE WORKING COIN COLLECTION). Helpful site for USA coins( I want to put My U.S.A. coins for all our friends around the WORLD.

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INDIAN HEAD CENT, 1884-Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) below the bow of the... 1884 USA
INDIAN HEAD CENT, 1896-Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia) below the bow of the wreath on the... 1896 USA
INDIAN HEAD CENT. 1908-Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia) below the bow of the wreath on the... 1908 USA
INDIAN HEAD CENT, 1906-Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia) below the bow of the wreath on the... 1906 USA
Jamaica 2003, One Dollar 2003 Jamaica
Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar, 50 Cents. 1951-Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia, PA) centered... 1951 USA
George Washington Quater, 25 Cents. 1951S-Mintmark: S (for San Francisco, CA) below the wreath on... 1951 USA
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Dime, 10 Cents. 1951D-Mintmark: D (for Denver, CO) just to the left of... 1951 USA
Thomas Jefferson Nickel, 5 Cents. 1951D-Mintmark: D (for Denver) to the right of the building on... 1951 USA
1951 USA
50 Centavos,Stainless steel. Subject:Palenque Culture (1983). National arms, eagle left. Reverse:... 1983 Mexico
LINCOLN CENT, MEMORIAL REVERSE. 1964-Mintmark: None (for Philadelphia, PA) below the date 1964 USA
Great Britain km988 5 Pence (1998+) 2003 United Kingdom
Dominican Republic km69 5 Centavos (1989) 1989 Dominican Republic
Republic of China y1 1 Fen (1955-1996) aluminum 1977 China
1951 United Kingdom
2 Korun (Nickel-Clad Steel) : 2001 Obvers: Crowned rampant lion left with two tails that are... 2001 Czech Republic
2001 2 Korun.Overse:Crowned rampant lion left. Reverse:Ornament with handle 2001 Czech Republic
20 Pesos. (1980-1984) Obverse: National arms, eagle left, Reverse: Figure,Mayan Culture with... 1980 Mexico
JEFFERSON FIVE CENTS, 1990D-Mintmark: Small D (for Denver, Colorado) below the date on the lower... 1990 USA
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