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Russia 1733 poltina. A hard to find coin these days. In good fine condition. Weight: 11.90g 1733 Russia
Australia 2014 2 dollars commemorating Remembrance day. This particular coin is known for weak... 2014 Australia
Australia 2014 2 dollars. Normal circulating coin. 2014 Australia
Australia 2012 2 dollars commemorating Remembrance day. This has a colored center. Very low... 2012 Australia
Australia 2012 2 dollar, commemorating remembrance day. Hard to find in circulation these days. 2012 Australia
Russia - Armavir 1918 3 ruble coin. Rather scarce! Unfortunately minor bent. Weight: 6.11g 1918 Russia
China Sichuan Province 1913 200 cash. Pretty big coin with a cud. Shame on the stain on reverse.... 1913 China
China Xinjiang Province 1851 - 1861 10 cash. Weight: 3.99g 1851 China
China Xinjiang Province 1736 - 1796 cash. Cast in Ushi mint. In decent condition if not for the... 1736 China
China xinjiang Province 1736-1795 10 cash. Poor condition. Weight: 3.88g 1736 China
China 1988 1 yuan commemorating 30 Anniv.of the Establishment of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous... 1988 China
China 1988 1 yuan commemorating 40th anniversary of People's Bank of China. Quite scarce. Weight:... 1988 China
Hong Kong 1949 5 cents. Planchet flaw. Weight: 2.56g 1949 Hong Kong
Japan gas token, probably made around 1960s? Weight: 4.54g 1900 Exonumia Asia
Russia 1839 2 kopek, mintmark CM. A rather uncommon coin from CM mint. Poor condition. Weight: 7.43g 1839 Russia
China Federal Reserve Government 1943 5 fen. Quite scarce. Unfortunately cleaned. Weight: 0.83g. 1943 China
China 1943 1/2 yuan. Rather tough coin to find. Weight: 9.15g 1943 China
Spain 1861 40 escudo. Gold plated platinum coin! Weight: 3.41g, 1861 Spain
Russia Baltic States 1757 4 kopek. Holed. Weight: 0.86g 1757 Russia
Russia 1801 1 ruble. In decent condition. Weight: 19.96g. 1801 Russia