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Russia 1896 Coronation of Nikolai II. Mintage of 190,845. This coin is slightly worn at the high... 1896 Russia
Russia 300th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty. High relief. Approximately 1.5 million of such... 1913 Russia
Russia 1914 Gangut Ruble (counterfeit) *THIS IS A COUNTERFEIT RUBLE* This is a very scarce ruble,... 1914 Russia
The peace and Co-operation Commemorative 5oz Ag, the first in the Series, represents the... 1987 Exonumia Europe
NF The INF Summit Treaty medallion was struck in Leningrad in June of 1988, upon the official... 1987 Exonumia Europe
MILLENNIUM OF RUSSIAN CHRISTIANITY The 3rd medal, the Millennium of Russian Christianity,... 1988 Exonumia Europe
THOUSAND YEAR RUBLE The 4th medal of the Series is the Thousand Year Ruble commemorating the... 1988 Exonumia Europe
Korea Gwangmu 10, 1906 1 chon. Nice picture of the phoenix, with a nice dark chocolate toning.... 1906 Korea - South
Korea Kwangmu 10, 1906 1/2 chon - modified to 1 chon At first appearence, the reverse seems to... 1906 Korea - South
Russia 1763 SPM 2 kopeks overstrike over 1762 scarce 4 kopeks over unreadable 2kopek coin. Pretty... 1763 Russia
Russia 1766 2 kopeks SPM overstruck over 1762 4 kopeks. You can see that this poor little coin... 1766 Russia
Hungary 1516 1 denar Rotation error!!! About 40 degrees rotation error. I am not too sure if this... 1516 Hungary
Japan 1917 (Taisho 3) 10 sen. The rising sun... in a nice UNC grade. 1917 Japan
Thailand 1942 1 satang. Minted in tin. Fortunately, no horrible tin pests on this one... 1942 Thailand
Russia 1853 5 kopeks (Ag). A tiny little silver coin. Lightly worn. 1853 Russia
Russia 1894 50 kopeks. The last year Alexander III was featured as he was supposely... 1894 Russia
Russia 1915 3kopeks. No mintmark as Saint Petersburg got renamed and no mintmark was thought of... 1915 Russia
Russia 1922 50 kopeks. Mintmaster PL. 1922 50 kopeks are somewhat scarce, but not as scarce as... 1922 Russia
Russia 1921 1 ruble. Mintmaster AG. This coin is toned till it's almost black. Also known as the... 1921 Russia
Russia 1924 1 ruble. Mintmaster PL. Also better known as the worker ruble, this is the very last... 1924 Russia
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