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most of my foreign coins are from other people, who bring back a few coins for me when they travel. Vicarious way to travel. Coins from over 90 countries now. (was 50 when I started on Omni)

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5 Nuevos Soles, with Nazca Lines condor, Bi-metallic, 24.25 mm. 2009 Peru
25 Mils, Pine cone and branches of a Cedar of Lebanon. 19.5 mm, Cu-Ni 1963 Cyprus
1 denar, 24 mm 1993 Macedonia
Transit Token, this one for a transit line in Lorain, Ohio (on the shores of Lake Erie), Al?, 16 mm 1960 Exonumia North America
5 cents featuring the South Point Lighthouse, the oldest lighthouse in Barbados, 21 mm, Brass.... 1994 Barbados
20 Euro cent, featuring Bratislava castle. (http://www.ecb.europa.eu/euro/coins/html/sk.en.html)... 2009 Slovakia
1 dollar, 'Kangaroo' (Al-Bronze, 25.0 mm) 1984 Australia
8 escudos, with Carol IIII, 33 mm (reproduction) 1792 Spain
anyone recognize? reproduction coin with horse and chariot on one side and a bull on other side,... 0 Greece
Unique edge of 5 dollar coin. Lettering saying HONG KONG FIVE DOLLARS 香 港 伍 圓 (ref.... 1993 Hong Kong
2 New Pesos, 23 mm, Bi-metallic 1994 Mexico
10 cents, with two bonefish, 24 mm 1998 Bahamas
1 krone 1983 Denmark
25 Centavos, 24 mm, Cu-Ni 1967 Dominican Republic
20 stotinki, 20.5 mm 1999 Bulgaria
Hawaii, States of the Union collector coin from Shell Oil company, bronze, 26 mm 1969 Exonumia North America
20 franc, Bronze, 25.5 mm 1981 Belgium
5 Ptas (Pesetas), with Juan Carlos, Cu-Ni, 23 mm 1982 Spain
1 euro, the country's castles and coats of arms are set amid the European stars. This symbolises... 2002 Portugal
50 Thebe, crest with zebras and African Fish Eagle with fish,22 mm, Ni clad Steel. (mistaken for... 2001 Botswana