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Laos old coin dated 1952 and Afghanistan old coin ND 1700 Afghanistan
This is a China SI CHUAN Province RUPPE.And it has many types for different flowers,different... 1902 China
all of them are key date and hard to find even in China! 1956 China
the hardest to find of one yuan from PR China,I do not know why,but from 2000 to today, I only... 1996 China
2002's yuan is the hardest year to find of this new type of Chinese one yuan 2002 China
chinese old coins from 600 ad to 1300 ad,for best offer 1200 China
Da-Guan tong bao from 1100 to 1125 of North-song 1100 China
Jing-Si yuan bao of North Song dated 1022 to 1063 1022 China
Huang-Song tong bao Type II,brass,960~1127AD 960 China
made in Iron or copper,Type I,960 to 1127AD 960 China
997 to 1022AD,Tian-Xi tong bao,North song 997 China
Kai-Yuan tong bao,Tang,713 to 741 AD 713 China
stuck at 1101 AD 1101 China
4 od North Song 's coins 1200 China
sold 1915 Finland
it is a high mintage coin but hard to find a good one ,I think AU50 1939 Finland
hard to find a nice one 1932 Finland
1643 rose ,i bought it from CGB company by 250 EURS,polished~they have not told me the truth!what... 1643 France
PATTERN,MS64BN 1830 France
rare ,but i have sold it to a Russian for 140 eurs some month ago when i must pay the money for i... 1830 Georgia
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