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For the Holidays, a one-ounce silver round, "Bah Humbug!" and the Dove of Peave 1980 Exonumia North America
Henri I of Champagne, Troyes. 0.89 grams. 1152 France
Hughes of Champagne. Troyes. Cross w/ Cross; Cross w/ Pellets and Monogram 1089 France
Thibault III of Champagne. Provins. Obv: TEBALT COMES cross. pellet. omega. pellet. Alpha.... 1197 France
Modern Greece celebrates its intellectual founders. Left Aristotles; right Demokritos. 1990 Greece
Struck under the autority of Diogenes of Sinope. Debased (90%) silver drachm. For this crime, he... -400 Greece
British East India Company, one rupee. Calcutta Mint. 11.66 grams 0.917; local standards, not UK;... 1840 India
Sicily (not Italy), town of SYRACUSE, Arethusa and Cuttlefish (octobus) silver litra (obol) -400 Italy
ROME (not "Italy") Trajan/Providentia. Rev shows globe on ground with ecliptic and houses of the... 127 Italy
Kyrene (Cyrene) Zeus Ammon and Silphium plant. A natural contraceptive, silphium was harvested... -400 Libya
USSR One Rouble 19.996 grams 0.900 fine. New Economic Policy. 1924 Russia
One half franc. (Note not tariffed as 50 rappen. This silver coin was subsidiary coinage, not a... 1945 Switzerland
ANA Heath Literary Award Medals. Bronze 2nd Place for "Sir Isaac Newton: Master and Warden of the... 1996 USA
Gallery Mint creations for 2000 ANA convention in Atlanta. 2000 USA
Friedrich A. von Hayek commemorative half ounce silver medal. 1981 USA
Susan B. Anthony/Apollo XI. Cameo proof. 1980 USA