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KM-1993, 1761 Austria kreuzer, Kremnitz mint (K mint mark); copper, plain edge; fine to very fine. 1761 Austria
KM-2186, 1881 Austria kreuzer, copper, plain edge; red-brown uncirculated but a spot. 1881 Austria
KM-2208, 1848 Austria, Vienna mint (A mint mark); silver, reeded edge; somewhat weakly struck... 1848 Austria
KM-2885, 1965 Austria 50 groschen; proof, aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; average proof,... 1965 Austria
KM-2880, 1955 Austria 25 schilling; silver, lettered edge; above average uncirculated. 1955 Austria
KM-2803, 1895 Austria 20 heller; nickel, reeded edge; fine or better, well circulated. 1895 Austria
KM-2886, 1973 Austria schilling; proof, aluminum-bronze, plain edge; average, slightly mishandled... 1973 Austria
KM-2191, 1848 Austria, Vienna mint (A mint mark); silver, plain edge; proof like in places, dirty... 1848 Austria
KM-2870, 1947 Austria 50 groschen; aluminum, reeded edge; bright white uncirculated. 1947 Austria
KM-2801, 1906 Austria 2 heller; bronze, plain edge; good very fine or better. 1906 Austria
KM-2886, 1970 Austria schilling; proof, aluminum-bronze, plain edge; scattered marks on this... 1970 Austria
KM-2800, 1913 Austria heller; bronze, plain edge; flaming red uncirculated really nice coin. 1913 Austria
KM-2206, 1872 Austria 10 kreuzer; silver plain edge; a bit dirty but struck with good detail,... 1872 Austria
KM-2843, 1928 Austria 2 schilling; silver, reeded edge; Centennial - Death of Franz Schubert... 1928 Austria
KM-148, 1809 Austrian State Tirol kreuzer; copper, engrailed edge; fine or so. 1809 Austria
KM-2219, 1861 Austria florin, Vienna mint (A mint mark); silver, lettered and ornamented edge;... 1861 Austria
KM-2801, 1899 Austria 2 heller; bronze, plain edge; extra fine or so, nice obverse but few spots... 1899 Austria
KM-2113, Austria 1816, Vienna mint (A mint mark) kreuzer; copper, corded edge; common issue,... 1816 Austria
KM-2876, 1967 Austria 2 groschen; proof, aluminum, plain edge; key year of the series - minted in... 1967 Austria
KM-2820, 1913 Austria corona; silver, lettered edge; common year, good toned extra fine or... 1913 Austria
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