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KM-703, 1997 Portugal 1000 escudos; silver, reeded edge; 200 years of the Junta de Credito... 1997 Portugal
KM-733.1, 1844 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; early Victoria, very good or about,... 1844 United Kingdom
KM-707, 1998 Portugal 1000 escudos; silver, reeded edge; International Year of the Oceans Expo... 1998 Portugal
KM-561, 1912 Portugal 50 centavos; silver, reeded edge; early Republican coinage, first year of... 1912 Portugal
KM-112.1, 1971 Germany 5 marks, Karlshuhe mint (G mint mark); silver, lettered edge; circulation... 1971 Germany
KM-1, 1970 Antigua 4 dollars; proof, copper-nickel, reeded edge; FAO commemorative of the... 1970 Antigua and Barbuda
KM-11, 1883 Straits Settlements 10 cents, Heaton mint (H mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... 1882 Malaysia
KM-675, ND (1994) Portugal 1000 escudos, INCM mint; silver, reeded edge; 500 year of the Treaty... 1994 Portugal
KM-56, 1851 Portuguese Angola (Colony) 1/2 macuta; copper, plain edge; Maria II, smaller mintage... 1951 Angola
KM-11, 1905 Hong Kong, Royal Mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, light brown... 1905 Hong Kong
KM-535, 1908 Portugal 500 reis; silver, reeded edge; Carlos I, about extra fine, ex-jewelry. 1907 Portugal
KM-783, 1897 Great Britain crown; silver, lettered edge; Victoria, year LXI edge, good very fine... 1897 United Kingdom
KM-11, 1883 Straits Settlements 10 cents, Royal Mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... 1883 Malaysia
KM-849, 1941 Great Britain 3 pence; nickel-brass, 12-sided flan, plain edge; George VI, mostly... 1941 United Kingdom
KM-19, 1945 British West Africa penny, Heaton mint (H mint mark); copper-nickel, holed flan,... 1945 British West Africa
KM-793, 1906 Great Britain half penny; bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, very good or almost. 1906 United Kingdom
KM-482, 1894 Hungary (Austro-Hungarian Empire) 10 filler, Kremnitz mint (KB mint mark); nickel,... 1894 Hungary
KM-817a, 1921 Great Britain florin (2 shillings); silver, reeded edge; George VI, good extra... 1921 United Kingdom
KM-15, 1921 Cyprus 4 1/2 piastres; silver, reeded edge; George V, 1-year type, very good or about. 1921 Cyprus
KM-842, 1935 Great Britain crown; silver, incuse lettered edge; George V, Silver Jubilee of the... 1935 United Kingdom