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KM-275a, 1952 Colombia centavo; nickel clad stainless steel, plain edge; uncirculated with a die... 1952 Colombia
1935 Peru token , looks like used for collecting money for the monument FONDOS PRO MONUMENTOS... 1935 Peru
Natal 1925 Edward Prince of Wales visit to South Africa medal; looks like a good fine but a... 1925 South Africa
Natal, June 22'nd 1911 George V coronation souvenir medal; obverse GEORGIVS.V.REX.ET.IMP:E... 1911 South Africa
Hern-178a, Theron-C44, 1880 South Africa East London (Cape Province) penny token; plain edge, 25... 1880 South Africa
KM-3, 1795 Azores 20 reis, copper, plain edge; in very good condition with substantial wear all... 1795 Azores
KM-240, 1973 India 20 rupees, Bombay mint (dot on reverse under the date); silver, reedeed edge;... 1973 India
KM-28, 1951 British West Africa shilling; tin-brass, seciruty edge; George VI, last type, another... 1951 British West Africa
1976 Israel Government Coin and Medals Corporation (IGCMC) greetings token; mailed to the IGCMC... 1976 Israel
KM-30a, 1952 British West Africa penny, Heaton mint (H mintmark); bronze, plain edge; George VI... 1952 British West Africa
KM-22, 1925 British East Africa cent, Royal mint, no mint mark; bronze, plain edge; almost... 1925 East Africa
KM-16, 1899 Jamaica half penny; copper nickel, plain edge; very fine or about, most likely... 1899 Jamaica
KM-587, 1960 Portugal 5 escudos; silver, reeded edge; commemorative 500 years of the death of... 1960 Portugal
KM-68, 1927 Angola 4 makutas (20 centavos); reeded edge, copper nickel; good extra fine details... 1927 Angola
KM-7, 1897 Mauritius cent; bronze, plain edge; brown but some luster showing from the patina,... 1897 Mauritius
KM-51.1, Portuguese Africa (Angola) Angola 2 macuta - 1837 counterstamp over 1770 Portuguese... 1837 Angola
KM-29, 1941 South Africa (Dominion) 2 shillings; silver, reeded edge; George VI, nice lustrous... 1941 South Africa
KM-26, Rather rare variety of the 1961 10 agorot - extra Fatha or apostrof in Arabic script for... 1961 Israel
KM-177, 1950 Chile 20 centavos; unusual of this late in XX century coin is copper and not bronze,... 1950 Chile
1897 Great Britain private medal; reeded edge; about uncirculated, "FOUR GENERATIONS OF THE... 1897 Exonumia Europe
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