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KM-10.1, 1829 French Colonies 5 centimes, Paris mint; bronze, slant reeded edge; smallest mintage... 1829 Unknown
KM-10.1, 1829 French Colonies 5 centimes, Paris mint; bronze, slant reeded edge; smallest mintage... 1829 Unknown
KM-13, 1844 French Colonies 10 centimes, Paris mint; colonial issue by Louis Philippe, last and... 1844 Unknown
KM-16, 1840 Danish West Indies X (10) skilling; silver, engrailed edge; text on the reverse... 1840 Unknown
KM-E7, 1949 New Caledonia 50 centimes essai; copper-nickel, plain edge, raised rim; a bit dirty... 1949 Unknown
KM-77, 1905 Danish West Indies 25 bits of 5 cents; nickel, plain edge; very fine or slightly... 1905 Unknown
KM-65, 1859 Danish West Indies 5 cents; silver, reeded edge; circulated, some cleaning on... 1859 Unknown
KM-PE4, 1952 New Caledonia 5 francs; piefort, aluminum, plain edge; PCGS graded SP-63 and... 1952 Unknown
KM-78, 1905 Danish West indies 50 bits 10 cents; silver, reeded edge; small mintage of 175,000.... 1905 Unknown
KM-15, 1958 Portuguese Timor (Colony) 6 escudos; silver, reeded edge; uncommon issue and a one... 1958 Unknown
KM-6.1, 1964 Reunion franc, Paris mint; aluminum, plain edge; common but nice issue, light toning... 1964 Unknown
KM-E6, 1966 Equatorial African States 100 francs; essai, nickel, reeded edge; struck double... 1966 Unknown
KM-E4, 1948 Reunion 2 francs, Paris mint; essai, copper-nickel, plain edge; mintage 2,000, nice... 1948 Unknown
KM-8, 1926 Greenland krone; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; appear to be extra fine or about. 1926 Unknown
KM-E1, 1948 French Equatorial Africa franc; essai, copper-nickel, plain edge; toned uncirculated,... 1948 Unknown
KM-19, 1970 Portuguese Timor escudo; bronze, plain edge; red uncirculated. 1970 Unknown
KM-21, 1970 Portuguese Timor 5 escudos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; uncirculated, luster and some... 1970 Unknown
KM-1, 1820 British West Indies 1/16'th of a dollar; silver, reeded edge; looks to be a regular,... 1820 Unknown
KM-20, 1970 Portuguese Timor 2.5 escudos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; late colonial coinage,... 1970 Unknown
KM-46, 1903 Guadeloupe franc; copper-nickel, 20-sided flan edge; French overseas terriroty,... 1903 Unknown