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KM-852, Great Britain 1937 6 pence in proof; from set 1937 United Kingdom
KM-851, Great Britain 1937 maundy 4 pence (groat) in proof; from specimen set 1937 United Kingdom
KM-848, Great Britain 1937 3 pence proof; from specimen set 1937 United Kingdom
KM-848, 1937 Great Britain 3 pence; proof, silver, plain edge; average proof with very nice... 1937 United Kingdom
KM-847, Great Britain 1937 maundy 2 pence proof 1937 United Kingdom
KM-846, Great Britain 1937 maundy penny proof 1937 United Kingdom
KM-849, Great Britain 1937 nickel bronze three pence in proof; from specimen set, quite toned and... 1937 United Kingdom
KM-845, Great Britain 1937 penny in proof; nice dark brown but with dark reflective surfaces 1937 United Kingdom
KM-844, Great Britain 1937 half penny in proof 1937 United Kingdom
KM-843, Great Britain 1937 farthing in proof 1937 United Kingdom
1983 Great Britain 8 coin mint set with 1983 United Kingdom
KM-728, 1838 1 and 1/2 pence Great Britain; On these tiny coins grading is extremely hard in part... 1838 United Kingdom
KM-818.2, 1923 Great Britain 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; this one is a great example of how... 1923 United Kingdom
KM-818.1, Great Britain 1915 half crown; silver, reeded edge; it is in what I think is a mint... 1915 United Kingdom
KM-782, 1897 Great Britain half crown; silver, reeded edge; very fine to good very fine grade,... 1897 United Kingdom
KM-852, Great Britain 1937 specimen (proof) six pence; really nice one with almost perfect mirror... 1937 United Kingdom
KM-T5, 1930 Great Britain Bombay mint trade dollar; richly toned extra fine. 1930 United Kingdom
KM-755, 1888 Great Britain penny; little wear but not attractively toned and may have veeb... 1888 United Kingdom
Broken serif(?) I's in VICTORIA for the below 1888 penny. 1888 United Kingdom
KM-790, Great britain 1895 penny; not very attractive but little wear, almost extra fine; P is... 1895 United Kingdom