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RARE. KM-21, 1958 5 lirot (pounds) proof; the coin in itself is not rare with the mintage of... 1958 Israel
KM-15, Jamaica 1888 farthing; copper-nickel, plain edge; mostly bright uncirculated with a... 1888 Jamaica
KM-16, 1895 Jamaica half penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; Probably uncirculated but weak strike... 1895 Jamaica
KM-24, 1919-C Jamaica farthing struck at Royal Canadian mint; overall weak obverse and some rust;... 1919 Jamaica
KM-26, 1914 Jamaica penny; mintage 24,000 which makes it quite rare even in about fine condition... 1914 Jamaica
KM-26, 1926 Jamaica penny; nice condition but probably not quite extra fine. 1926 Jamaica
KM-26, 1916 Jamaica penny, Heaton mint (H mintmark); copper-nickel, plain edge; 24,000 mintage... 1916 Jamaica
KM-23, 1909 Jamaica penny; graded by the previous owner as about uncirculated and it is; he did... 1909 Jamaica
KM-23, another 1909 Jamaican penny; given for comaprison with the previous sample; clearly more... 1909 Jamaica
KM-23, 1906 Jamaica penny; same streaky toning, I do not think this is from cleaning or wiping,... 1906 Jamaica
KM-16, 1899 Jamaica half penny; copper nickel, plain edge; very fine or about, most likely... 1899 Jamaica
KM-22, 1907 Jamaica half penny just slightly better then fine? 1907 Jamaica
KM-22, 1909 Jamaica half penny; looks like aVF by wear. 1909 Jamaica
KM-40, 1966 Jamaica 5 shillings (crown) issued for commemoration of the VIII British Empire and... 1966 Jamaica
KM-25, 1964 Israel 5 agorot; aluminum-bronze; uncommon with the mintage of just 21,451, probably... 1964 Israel
KM-24.1, Israel 1962 agora; small date variety; 1962 Israel
Identifying details for the previous 1962 agora (IL62A) that shows small date in serif 1962 Israel
Details of the obverse for the previous 1962 agora (IL62A) - barley spear awns and the proximity... 1962 Israel
KM-728, 1843 Great Britain one and half or three half pence; unusual denomination was struck for... 1843 United Kingdom
Another KM-728, 1 1/2 pence struck in Great Britain for colonial use; this one is lighter; also... 1843 United Kingdom
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