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RARE. KM-21, 1958 5 lirot (pounds) proof; the coin in itself is not rare with the mintage of... 1958 Israel
KM-15, Jamaica 1888 farthing; copper-nickel, plain edge; mostly bright uncirculated with a... 1888 Jamaica
KM-16, 1895 Jamaica half penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; Probably uncirculated but weak strike... 1895 Jamaica
KM-24, 1919-C Jamaica farthing struck at Royal Canadian mint; overall weak obverse and some rust;... 1919 Jamaica
KM-26, 1914 Jamaica penny; mintage 24,000 which makes it quite rare even in about fine condition... 1914 Jamaica
KM-26, 1926 Jamaica penny; nice condition but probably not quite extra fine. 1926 Jamaica
KM-26, 1916 Jamaica penny, Heaton mint (H mintmark); copper-nickel, plain edge; 24,000 mintage... 1916 Jamaica
KM-23, 1909 Jamaica penny; graded by the previous owner as about uncirculated and it is; he did... 1909 Jamaica
KM-23, another 1909 Jamaican penny; given for comaprison with the previous sample; clearly more... 1909 Jamaica
KM-23, 1906 Jamaica penny; same streaky toning, I do not think this is from cleaning or wiping,... 1906 Jamaica
KM-16, 1899 Jamaica half penny; copper nickel, plain edge; very fine or about, most likely... 1899 Jamaica
KM-22, 1907 Jamaica half penny just slightly better then fine? 1907 Jamaica
KM-22, 1909 Jamaica half penny; looks like aVF by wear. 1909 Jamaica
KM-40, 1966 Jamaica 5 shillings (crown) issued for commemoration of the VIII British Empire and... 1966 Jamaica
KM-25, 1964 Israel 5 agorot; aluminum-bronze; uncommon with the mintage of just 21,451, probably... 1964 Israel
KM-24.1, 1962 Israel agora; aluminum, scalloped flan, plain edge; small date variety, good extra,... 1962 Israel
Identifying details for the previous 1962 agora (IL62A) that shows small date in serif 1962 Israel
Details of the obverse for the previous 1962 agora (IL62A) - barley spear awns and the proximity... 1962 Israel
KM-728, 1843 Great Britain one and half or three half pence; unusual denomination was struck for... 1843 United Kingdom
Another KM-728, 1 1/2 pence struck in Great Britain for colonial use; this one is lighter; also... 1843 United Kingdom
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