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52Te NOT IN MY COLLECTION. Mining medal issued for the Hungary Millenium. Obv: MAGY. KIR.... 1896 Hungary
23V Vanadium medal struck by Murray Buckner 2011 Exonumia North America
45Rh NOT IN MY COLLECTION. Although Metallium and Cohen Mint have produced rhodium medals, this... 2014 Rwanda
14Si NOT IN MY COLLECTION. This is a very rare 25-cent-size pattern made in nickel-silicon alloy. 1964 USA
34Se NOT IN MY COLLECTION. This selenium medal in the British Science Museum features the head... 1862 Exonumia Europe
25Mn Because nickel was a scarce strategic metal during World War II, from 1942 to 1945 US 5 cent... 1944 USA
50Sn King Ananda 25 Satang in Tin (JM19) 1946 Thailand
30Zn Frederik IX 5 øre struck in zinc. (JM23) 1954 Denmark
47Ag Morgan Silver Dollar. Silver has been used in coins since the electrum gold/silver alloy... 1921 USA
79Au St. Gaudens Standing Liberty $20 Double Eagle. The earliest coins, the Lydian trite about... 1927 USA
24Cr Chromium-plated steel Canadian wartime "V" nickel. Morse code inscription around reverse... 1945 Canada
40Zr Fred Zinkann fantasy piece in zirconium, for Argentina Islas Malvinas (UK Falkland Islands)... 2006 Exonumia North America
72Hf Minted in honor of the peacemaker Surak, this 6.4 gram pure hafnium octagonal coin is not a... 2006 Exonumia North America
77Ir Medal commemorating Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee. M.B.T.D on bust indicates Birmingham... 1897 United Kingdom
29Cu George III "Cartwheel" two pence, struck in pure copper. Weight 2 oz. Diameter 41mm,... 1797 United Kingdom
42Mo Molybdenum medal struck from blank cut from the end of a molybdenum rod. (JM11) 2008 Exonumia North America
92U Depleted Uranium "element coin" token made by Dave Hamric (Metallium) - Unique. Two... 2010 Exonumia North America
22Ti Non-circulating Titanium coin anodized light blue, issued by Pobjoy Mint for the British... 2005 British Virgin Islands
73Ta Non-circulating bimetallic: silver ring, Tantalum center (JM18) 2009 Kazakhstan
41Nb Non-circulating bimetallic: silver ring, Niobium center anodized green to represent Neon.... 2008 Austria
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