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Strange edge error 2 mawett
2 pounds. Royal Visit 1989 henry12
Alderney 1989 2 Pounds. Royal Visit. 1989 BCNumismatics
Alderney 1990 2 Pounds. Queen Mother's 90th. Birthday. 1990 BCNumismatics
1993 LawrenceChard
£2 50th Anniversary of D Day 1994 De-Orc
5 Pounds. Commemorative for the 70th year of Q Elizabeth II. Silver. 1996 drspp
1997 LawrenceChard
1999 LawrenceChard
With an issue limit of 125 pieces, this large gold coin is also attractive. Issued for the 125th... 1999 LawrenceChard
2000 LawrenceChard
2001 LawrenceChard
A 2002 Five Pound Silver Coin from Alderney Part of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Crown... 2002 nohope587
Coronation Procession on 2002 Alderney silver proof five pound crown. Another from the Golden... 2002 LawrenceChard
Sword of State on Aldarney silver proof crown for the Golden Jubilee. 2002 LawrenceChard
2002 LawrenceChard
Alderney, Queen Elizabeth II, Five Pounds, 2002. PROOF. 2002 FIUFIU
2002 LawrenceChard
5 Pounds, Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Golden Jubilee Sword. 2002 HKMAL
2003 LawrenceChard
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