Region: Caribbean

Country: Anguilla Coins

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ANGUILLA~1 Dollar 1969. 1969 Zantetsuken
Guadeloup 1 Franc,NGC MS64 1903 Cancion_Del_Mariachi
Montserrat 1970 4 Dollars. This is the only modern Montserratian coin. 1970 BCNumismatics
ANGUILLA~Liberty Dollar 1967. Counter-stamp on a 1 Sol coin from Peru which was dated 1924. 1967 Zantetsuken
Despite its idyllic location, Anguilla has had a disturbed history until very recently. A revolt... 1969 LawrenceChard
1969 Anguilla, 1 Dollar. The country of Anguilla never really existed, though they tried to... 1969 AuldFartte