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Country: Australia Coins

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20 cents. 60th anniversary of end of WWII 2005 jurkovms
20 cents, 'Platypus' (Cu-Ni, 28.52 mm) 2006 jurkovms
WWII Comming home 20 from Prawn and Snooba from the CCF Forum... 2005 Jim
Australias Volunteers-Making a Difference From Prawn and Snooba CCF Forum 2003 Jim
International year of Peace $1.00 From Prawn and Snooba- CCF Forum 1986 Jim
50 cents, Coat of Arms including a kangaroo and Emu (Cu-Ni, 31.51 mm) 1981 jurkovms
50 cents, year of the family? 1994 jurkovms
50 cents,'Coat of Arms' with the red kangaroo on one side and the emu on the other (Cu-Ni, 31.51... 1997 jurkovms
50 cents, millennium year 2000 jurkovms
50 cents, windmill (year of the outback). 12 sided coin 2002 jurkovms
50 cents, 60th anniversary of the end of WWII 2005 jurkovms
50 cents,'Coat of Arms'. 12 sided coin, (Cu-Ni, 31.51 mm) 2006 jurkovms
WWII 1939-1945 Peace from SNooba and Prawn CCF Forum 0 Jim
Austrailia one dollar from prawn and snooba- CCF Forum 1988 Jim
from snooba and prawn CCF Forum 2005 Jim
Centenary of Womans Suffrage $1.00 From Snooba and Prawn _CCF-Forum 2003 Jim
2006 $1.00 Coin From Prawn and Snooba-CCF Forum 2006 Jim
2 x $10 silver dollars states coins. NSW & SA. 1986 williamallemando
1995 $40 1 oz Palladium Proof Emu coin 1995 susieq
1996 $40 1 oz Palladium Proof Emu coin 1996 susieq