Region: Australia, Oceania

Country: Australia Coins

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Australia 1 Dollar 2001 2001 Akdeveli
KM-60, 1958 Australia florin, Melbourne mint; silver, reeded edge; good fine to very fine. 1958 sandy3075
KM-40, 1943 Australia florin, San Francisco mint (S mint mark); silver, reeded edge; good extra... 1943 sandy3075
KM-40, 1944 Australia florin, Melbourne mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; good very fine... 1944 sandy3075
Australia50Cents-km68-1979 1979 Vichaisun
Australia50Cents-Bass&Flinders-km364-1998 1998 Vichaisun
Australia50Cents-AustraliaDay-km1500-2010 2010 Vichaisun
Australia50Cents-WearyDunlop-km294-1995 1995 Vichaisun
Australia50Cents-SilverJubilee-km70-1977 1977 Vichaisun
Australia50Cents-RoyalVisit-km437-2000 2000 Vichaisun
Australia50Cents-Olympics&Animals-km769-2005 2005 Vichaisun
Australia50Cents-MilleniumYear-km488-2000 2000 Vichaisun
Australia20Cents-William&Catherine-km1566-2011 2011 Vichaisun
Australia20Cents-UnitedNations-km295-1955 1955 Vichaisun
Australia20Cents-WomenDay-km1642-2011 2011 Vichaisun
KM-23, 1921 Australia penny; bronze, plain edge; good fine to very fine, some dirt and grime is... 1921 sandy3075
Australia 2000 50 cents commemorating the millennium year. This is a scarce variety with the... 2000 gxseries
Australia 1 dollar. 2002, Year of the Outback. 2002 henry12
KM-9, 1944 New Guinea 3 pence; copper-nickel, plain edge; uncirculated or about. 1944 sandy3075
Australia 1 Dollar 2014-ANZAC 2014 Akdeveli