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chinese wu zhu cash coin from the kingdom of shu han 221 ScottO
Period of Three Kingdoms. State of Shu Han (221-265AD), Emperor Liu Bei. Zhi Bai Wu Zhu , rev.... 221 Hachiman
Zhi Ping Bai Qian “世平百錢”, Kingdom of Shu (221-265) of the Three Kingdoms Period... 228 Mcektam
Tai Ping Bai Qian "太平百钱", 24mm, Copper, Kingdom of Wu(229-280), Three Kingdoms(220-280).... 229 Mcektam
Three Kingdoms (San-guo) 220-280 AD, Wu Dynasty (229-280 AD), Emperor Da, Sun Quan (236-238 AD),... 236 HKMAL
The Tree Kingdoms period (220-280). The Kingdom of Wei (Cao Wei) (220-266). Late period... 254 Hachiman
涼造新泉 "Liang Zao Xin Quan", 21mm, Copper, Eastern Jin Dynasty(317-420).... 317 Mcektam
The North and South Dynasty/南北朝 (420-481 AD), Southern Dynasties (Song)/ 南朝(宋),... 454 HKMAL
5 Zhu.Northern Wei Dynasty.23mm Daimeter.weight 2.3g 529 fong
Yong An Wu Zhu "永安五銖", Reverse: Tu "土", 23mm, Copper, Minted in 532-534, Northern Wei... 532 Mcektam
Chang Ping 5 Zhu. Northern Qi Dynasty. 24.5mm Diameter. weight 4.9g 533 fong
5 Zhu. Western Wei Dynasty. 24.5mm Diameter. weight 3.4g. 540 fong
Small size Vaiety Bu Quan.Northern Zhou dynasty. 24mm diameter. weight 3.4g. 561 fong
Northern Zhou (北周) of Northern Dynasty (557-581 AD) Bu Quan (布泉), Bao Ding 1st year... 561 HKMAL
5 Zhu. Chen Dynasty. 26mm Diameter. weight 3.2G 562 fong
Wu Xing Da Bu (五行大布), 25mm, a bronze coin of the ‘Five Elements’(metal, wood, water,... 574 Mcektam
Northern Zhou of Northern Dynasty (557-581 AD), Emperor Jing di, Yu wen Chan, 'Yong Tong Wan Guo'... 579 HKMAL
Yong Tong Wan Guo (永通萬國), Emperor Jing Di of Northern Zhou Dynasty (577-581), 43mm,... 579 Mcektam
yong tong wan guo cash coin 579 ScottO
1 set 5 Zhu.Sui Dyansty.23mm Diameter. weight 2.2g and 2.3G. 581 fong
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