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China Szechuan 1930s - so called Szechuan rupees. Introduced to reduce the reliance of Indian... 1930 gxseries
2 Fen. "China's emblem: Tian'anmen, 'Gate of Heavenly Peace', gate to the forbidden city, 5 stars... 1982 jurkovms
China Manchurian Provinces 1909 (ND) 1.44 mace. Nice condition. Toned. Weight: 5.08g. 1909 gxseries
China East Hopei Government 1937 1 fen. Nice condition. Weight: 5.07g. 1937 gxseries
China Manchukuo Province 1943 5 fen. New type. Tough coin to find. Weight: 0.80g. 1943 gxseries
China Manchukuo Province 1936 5 li. Tough coin to find. Nice condition. Weight: 3.52g. 1936 gxseries
China Manchukuo Province 1933 5 li. Tough coin to find. Weight: 3.34g. 1933 gxseries
China 1908 1 cash. Weight: 1.18g. 1908 gxseries
China Hunan Province 1919 (ND) 10 cash. Large fern variety. Weight: 6.92g. 1919 gxseries
China Hunan Province 1919 (ND) 10 cash. Small fern variety. Weight: 5.53g. 1919 gxseries
China 1914 1 yuan. Old cleaning. Weight: 26.62g. 1914 gxseries
China 1984 1 yuan commemorating 35th anniversary of Soviet China. Featuring some dance. Proof... 1984 gxseries
China 1990s 5 jiao token??? Struck on a larger and thinner planchet than a regular 5 jiao.... 1990 gxseries
China-Republic 10 Cash-10 Wen ND(1920) another good condition piece 1920 Akdeveli
China Yunnan Province 1916 (ND) 50 cash. Weight: 19.71g. 1916 gxseries
China Hubei Province 1908 1 cash. Planchet flaw. Weight: 1.26g. 1908 gxseries
China Manchukuo 1942 1 fen. Scarce year. Weight: 1.02g. 1942 gxseries
China 1939 2 fen. Scarce type. Some signs of corrosion. Weight: 5.89g. 1939 gxseries
China East Hopei 1937 5 fen. Appearently a restrike. Weight: 3.08g. 1937 gxseries
China Manchukuo 1937 1 fen. Nice condition. Some traes of red - this photo doesn't show up well.... 1937 gxseries