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Nigeria - Medal commemorating 25th Anniversary of Independence. 1985 henry12
Medal commemorating Papal Visit to Nigeria, Benin, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. 1982 Bjorn1979
KM-X#1d, AH1352 (1933/34) Tarim (part of Yemen) dinar; proof, silver, reeded edge, 23 mm; fantasy... 1352 sandy3075
Congo National Bank Coin Mint medallion 0 Akdeveli
SouthAfrica-Johannesburg Medallion - 5th Year of Republic of South Africa 1966 Akdeveli
0 Karthik
1956 Karthik
1970 Karthik
1961 Karthik
Libya-Medallion, Muammer El Kaddafi 1969-1979 1979 Akdeveli
Uganda PTC Telephone Token 5 Shillings 0 Akdeveli
EDWARD VIII PATTERN CROWN Fom the SPINK patina collection 1937 KardGeo
small copy of the queens south africa medal, probably from a set showing the designs of medals 1902 ScottO
Witwartersrand Agricultural Society gold medal, awarded 1921 to H.L. Philips Excellence of... 1921 LawrenceChard
South Africa Krugerrand Commemorative - .999 pure silver - 1 oz. 1986 ben_al
Botswana 10th Anniv. of Independence - International Society of Postmasters, Series 1976, Silver... 1976 pet
Afrikaans Language - International Society of Postmasters, Series 1975, Silver proof medallion,... 1975 pet