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Germany/Britain, Propoganda Caopy Goetz Sinking Lusitania, Skeleton 1915 by Karl Goetz. Cast... 1915 HKMAL
A medal for faithful service in the special constabulary. Special Constabulary is the part-time... 1930 Colligo_V
1802 Agents de Commerce à Paris, France.... 1802 elverno
William Ist The First King of The United Netherlands. Coronation Medal 1815. Wilhelm of Nassau.... 1815 constanius
Switzerland, 20 rappens, 1950, Al, A.G.Sigg Frauenfeld.... 1950 vajaho
One of a set of 3 gold medals, by John Pinches, to commemorate the 900th anniversary of the 1066... 1966 LawrenceChard
French Jeton, silver Obv: Crown with crests of France and Navarre below. Monogram of Louis XIV.... 1656 bill
Frederick the Great: Fredericus Borussor.Rex (Frederick II King of Prussia) by I.D. Issued for... 1740 constanius
George III Death Medal 1820. Obv. Name of Jehova in Hebrew above rays shining down on Imperial... 1820 constanius
Frederick Duke of York. Rev.DIED JAN 5th 1827. 25mm Brass. BHM 1289 1827 constanius
The Last Judgement, 1534 - 1541 by Michelangelo. A 50mm sterling silver medallion, number 45 of a... 1974 LawrenceChard
East Germany, Al, 1884-1984, 100th Anniversary of the Frohnau School, Grossus Novus Ducum Saxon T. 1984 vajaho
Joseph Clemens, Archbishop of Cologne. Obv. IOS. CLEM. ARCH. COL. S. R. I. ARCHICAM. ET. ELECT.... 1714 constanius
Conder Token, Essex Hornchurch D&H 33: Crowned Bust, with sceptre. EDWARD IV GRANTED THE CHARTER... 1795 constanius
Death of Cato,46 BC. Bust in toga facing right. Around the circumference is CATON DUTIQUE. Below... 1740 constanius
The Mond Nickel Company Ltd, undated, struck from pure nickel for the British Empire Exhibition... 1924 constanius
1991 Hungary Bronze Medal Russia Leaving medal, struck to commemorate the departure of Soviet... 1991 Tiffibunny
Jean-Paul (Gio Paolo) de Bombarda. Architect (He Built the Theatre de la Monnaie in Brussels) ,... 1699 constanius
Unlisted Treaty of Amiens, by Bagnall.Obv. PEACE. COMMERCE & PLENTY. Dove of peace flying above 3... 1802 constanius
Hungarian Royal Insignia - Silver proof medallion. The Crown, the Sceptre, the Orb, the Sword,... 1978 pet
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