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Brass Promotional token from the Graebener coin press 1976. Close in size to a Soviet 3 kopeck... 1976 alexbq2
Swedish military medal 1942 ScottO
1768 brass guinea token 1768 ScottO
Commemorative token from 2005 mintset. Saris and Zemplin Regions in Slovakia. Saris is situated... 2005 henry12
Silver jetton given to celebrate the coronation of Nicholas 2nd.(scratched) 1896 mihaizaha
Bronze medal awarded to participants of the russo-japanese war. 1905 mihaizaha
Bronze medal awarded to the participants of the russo-turkish war. 1878 mihaizaha
Bronze medal. 1862 mihaizaha
Silver Medal"For Defence of Sevastopol" 1855 mihaizaha
German Ship Token 0 Akdeveli
jeton from Germany with french designs 1780 ScottO
1988 medal made by meissen, commemorating Martin Luther 1988 ScottO
34Se NOT IN MY COLLECTION. This selenium medal in the British Science Museum features the head... 1862 xphobe
1980 medal 100th anniversary of an energy company 1980 ScottO
undated Eton college attendance medal 0 ScottO
1924 bronze french medal R.GRANDHOMME 1924 ScottO
undated pewter trade token from Elizabeth I 1560 ScottO
AE Medal commemorating visit of Peter the Great to the Paris Mint in 1717. Paris Mint by Du Vivier. 1717 alexbq2
AE Medal commemorating Count Suvorov's victories over the French in Italy. Birmingham Mint. Britain. 1799 alexbq2
White metal Medal dated 1813. Obv. Alexander Emperor of Russia. Rev.Fortiter Defendit Triumphans... 1813 alexbq2
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