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Country: Fiji Coins

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Judo is featured on the reverse of this silver proof $10 from Fiji, for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. 1993 LawrenceChard
Fiji - 1/- - 1957 Nice, simple, pre-decimal design from Fiji 1957 Johnny1989
5 cents 1975 Rhonda
Fiji - 6p - 1934 A personal favourite, this one has an overhead view of a turtle on the... 1934 Johnny1989
ELIZABETH II FIJI ONE DOLLAR copper-nickel 1969 echizento
Portrait of Prince Charles on gold $200 commemorating the tenth anniversary of independence. 1980 LawrenceChard
Westminster Abbey Choristers June 1953 shown on the reverse of Golden Jubilee silver proof crown. 2002 LawrenceChard
Defender of the Faith on reverse of Golden Jubilee silver proof crown, with ive gold plating on... 2002 LawrenceChard
Fortieth anniversary of the Coronation theme on reverse of Fijian silver proof $10. 1993 LawrenceChard
1986 LawrenceChard
ELIZABETH II FIJI 5 CENTS copper-nickel 1969 echizento
ELIZABETH II FIJI 2 CENTS bronze 1975 echizento
ELIZABETH II FIJI 10 CENTS copper-nickel 1987 echizento
ELIZABETH II FIJI 20 CENTS copper-nickel 1973 echizento
ELIZABETH II FIJI 50 CENTS copper-nickel 1976 echizento
GEORGE V KING EMPEROR FIJI PENNY copper-nickel 1934 echizento
Fuji 1980 5 cents. It somehow ended up in Australia, circulated as a 5 cents. 1980 gxseries
Fiji, 5 cents 1992. Queen Elizabeth II. Fijian drum. 1992 Dok
Fiji, 10 cents 1969. Queen Elizabeth II. Throwing club. 1969 Dok
Fiji, 1 cent 1969. Queen Elizabeth II. Tanoa kava dish. 1969 Dok